Misha's cheese will last for 6-8 weeks in refrigeration. We "best by date" for 6 weeks from production so our
customers can consume while it's the freshest.

Misha's cheeses freeze and keep very well for 3-4 months. When ready to eat, simply thaw in refrigeration over 2 days.

Yes, Misha's is Real Cheese. No Dairy. 
Misha's cheese is made with a special blend of a Cashew and Almond milk base, and although we are 100% plant based, we use traditional artisan cheese-making methods. Misha's is also lactose free, paleo, keto, 100% vegan,
and made with NO vegetable oils, soy, filler, starches, or nutritional

Yes, we only use the finest cheese starter cultures that are completely VEGAN.

Yes, we are certified OU Kosher.

Yes, Misha's is Gluten Free.

Unfortunately due to the high cost involved in shipping cold product, we require a minimum order of three cheeses.

Yes.  Our cheese is cold packed and shipped overnight for CA and two-day delivery for everywhere else. Misha's cheeses are perishable and must be refrigerated immediately once it's received. 

Unfortunately at this time, the
required international shipping cost and regulations around
international produce manufacturing do not allow for Misha's to ship
internationally.  If / when this changes, we will be sure to make an